Tooth Extraction: Reasons To Pull Out The Damaged Teeth



Tooth extraction is one of the dental treatments which should be the last option for treatment. The great decrease in the number of teeth may result in poor dietary habits and deterioration of quality of life cycle. The count of extracted teeth can serve as an indicator of socio-economic and oral hygiene level with the best care in the process of tooth extraction Dubai. Extraction of permanent teeth is performed for several reasons including dental caries, periodontal disease, orthodontic reasons, impacted teeth, failed dental treatment, prosthetic indications and plenty of other different reasons. There are two types of tooth extraction:-


Simple extraction

The simple extraction is done when the teeth are perfectly visible in the mouth and the process is carried out through local anesthesia.


Surgical extraction

Surgical extraction procedures are performed when the tooth cannot be easily accessed or visible. This happens when the tooth has not fully erupted or when the tooth has been broken into parts under the gum line.


Why do we resort to tooth extraction?

There are two types of teeth that a person has, milk teeth and permanent teeth. When the milk teeth fall off the teeth that grow are permanent for a lifetime. However, tooth extraction might be necessary for the following reasons.

  • Irreparable tooth damage due to severe injury:

    This happens when tooth decay reaches the centre of the tooth which is the pulp creating inside your mouth. The bacteria produced by the decay occurring in the gums can invade the pulp and cause an infection. In this case, a root canal procedure may help treat the infection with professional Dentist Dubai. However, if the infection is serious, extraction may be performed to avoid the infection from spreading it to other teeth.


  • Eliminate the overcrowded tooth:

    The extraction of one or multiple teeth may be necessary to eliminate the overcrowding in the mouth like a store full of teeth. This is also endorsed when the patient has to undergo orthodontic treatment and there is no room for the teeth to move and rearrangement. A dentist will check on how crowded your teeth are, and if there is enough room for them to move and give your set of teeth a better alignment. Teeth extractions are suggested when there is not enough space to straighten the arrangement of your tooth set.


  • Necessary after an accident:

    If a person has gone through some severe accident and has serious damage in the gums, crown, bridge or veneers may be recommended. And if the issue is dreadful, then tooth extraction the only way out to this.


  • The solution to periodontal disease:

    Infection spreading out in gums, periodontal ligaments, alveolar bone and other structures surrounding the teeth. The aim of our dentist is to restore your oral health by periodontal therapy or tooth extraction.


Our team of experts are here to guide you with your proper oral health. Our service is available 24/7 to have a look at you. We do have various other treatments according to the seriousness of the damaged teeth. Giving out the best care and friendly environment, your healthy tooth is our primary duty. Dentists Dubai are the most recommended ones. We do treat people from a small tooth injury to the best and smooth surgeries. GNY dental care removes wisdom teeth, impacted teeth, severely broken-down teeth, and apicoectomies. Get your appointment booked with us to get yourself treated with full comfort and easy treatment of your tooth.

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