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Teeth Whitening

You will expect that Whitening your teeth will not cause any permanent damage to your gums; however temporary gum irritation is among the risk factors of using professional teeth whitening. Soft tissue or gum irritation caused by teeth whitening gel is considered a chemical burn, very comparable to a sunburn.

At GYA we have 3 options to whiten your teeth:

1- Zoom

which has been one of the most popular in-practice whitening procedures for many years, mainly because it consistently delivers fantastic results. Tried and trusted brand with consistently great results.

Laser Teeth Whitening


2- Both options:
  • It is the fastest treatment for achieving a brighter smile, with results becoming immediately visible after the procedure.
  • Due to its non-invasive nature, these methods of treatment do not involve any incisions, pain or bleeding to recover from after the procedure is done.
  • Also owing to its non-invasive design, this treatment is virtually pain-free, therefore dismissing the use of any anesthesia or pain-relieving medication. Instant results – we can whiten your teeth up to 12 shades lighter in as little as 1 hour!
  • Perfect for busy people who whose time is limited, or who have an important event looming for which they want to look their best and want instant results at short notice. Ultimately, patients leave our clinic with an obviously whitened smile that they love and we love to see them smile!
3- Home Bleaching

There are procedures that can be done at home using bleaching trays, but these often take more time as compared to an in-office procedure (usually 5/7 days). Sometimes we can combine both options: Laser whitening or zoom with home bleaching to have long last results.

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