How Invisalign Process Works?

How Invisalign Process Works?

Are you someone who hesitates to smile because of your crooked teeth?

Have you ever thought of teeth straightening? You must know how it works before going through the Invisalign process.




An easy and affordable process, whose result gives you an attractive smile. At the GYA Dental Center, we make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible with the Invisalign process. Invisalign is a relatively simple process once you enter the routine of maintaining your clear aligner.


How does it work? 

The dentist works upon moving your teeth in the direction; you want them by using clear aligners. They are close-fitted and soft pressure is applied in just the right place to get the designed look.

These aligners are to be worn almost all day and night. The only time you can avoid them is when you are eating or drinking anything other than water. You have to keep it on just long enough until the teeth move to the designated position.

The patient is given a new set of aligners, that is used to put a bit more pressure on the teeth to move them furthermore in the right direction. Usually, these aligners are worn for two weeks before getting them changed with the next set. The new set applies equal amounts of pressure, getting your braces tightened and putting more pressure in the desired direction.

This method keeps looping until your teeth are in place, where you want them to be. A traditional braces treatment takes about a year, which is usually the same for aligners too.

With less discomfort, aligners are more favorable to patients than the traditional braces.


The Treatment procedure 

  1. The patient first has to consult a dentist, who will assess all the orthodontic and dental needs of your teeth while you explain to him your desired goal.
  2. An insight will be given to the patient about what can be done with Invisalign. The doctor would also let you know the cost, the period, your appointment schedule, and some directions on how to wear and take care of your aligners.
  3. The making of aligners and attachments is done using 3D tech imaging rather than putty impressions to monitor your teeth throughout the Invisalign process. This technology makes sure each aligner is created with the corresponding specification needed to move the patient’s teeth, just the right amount.
  4. The office visits would be in the frequency of every 6-8 weeks to your teeth and mouth 3D -assessed and to get your next set of aligners.


Taking Good Care of Your Aligners

  1. Always be sure to brush your teeth.
  2. Wash your Invisalign with lukewarm water when you take them off for eating or drinking and give it a brush and a wash again before putting it back.
  3. Floss your teeth after a meal; trapped food can cause cavities and other problems until they are cleaned in the next appointment.


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Does Invisalign Process Hurt?

Does Invisalign Process Hurt?

Within a few years, Invisalign has become a demanding treatment. Its precise aligner treatment helps you to let live your life without hiding your precious smile. Also, you can brush your teeth like you usually do. So, that’s why many people choose Invisalign process rather than conventional braces.  

The significant advantage of wearing clear braces is a comfortable approach. Invisalign does not contain any metal wires or brackets that can rub inside of your mouth and cause problems.  

Is Invisalign pain-free?

Invisalign treatment can handle multiple dental issues. Let’s discuss some essential facts and check how this process is better than the conventional approach. 


Does Invisalign less painful than conventional approach?

People who have experienced both types of braces say that Invisalign is much more comfortable than wearing orthodontic systems, including wires and brackets.  


But why this approach is more comfortable?

All aligners are shaped to chase the natural outline of your mouth. So, it is smoother, and it will not create any difficulty in your mouth.  

You need not worry about monthly adjustments such as tightening your wires. Every week, you can change your aligner on your own and can get more gradual tooth movement, which is gentler on your mouth.  

Invisalign is the best option for the most comfortable braces and to get rid of soreness issues. The best dental clinic will always provide your top-class dental services with no problems.  


Does Invisalign Hurt at First?

In the beginning, every treatment hurts a bit. The best thing is any preliminary adjustments or pain can handle effortlessly by taking pain relief. You have to take only two doses. Later than your mouth can easily bear the mild pressure applied by your Invisalign trays or braces. Even you need not take more pain killer- when you move from one phase to another. 


How Many Days Does Invisalign Hurt?

If you are suffering from any pain during this treatment, it will be only for the few initial days when you change out the trays. Later, it will become minimal. 


Does Invisalign Hurt Your Gums?

This treatment will not irritate your gums as Invisalign trays only cover your teeth. However, sometimes aligner rarely touches your gum tissue.  

If you are suffering from the symptoms of gingivitis such as swollen gums, it may cause the Invisalign trays to press inside your gum tissues and irritate them.

The best thing is gingivitis is reversible. If you brush the lines of your gums every day and flossing once a day, you can get rid of the swollen problem. Thus, Invisalign will not hurt your gums. If there is some rough edge present, it might feel sharp on your gums. The best dental clinic will quickly fix this issue. 


Does Invisalign Hurt Your Teeth?

You are going to experience some pain, pressure, and tightness with any orthodontic treatment. Its gentle forces make your teeth to straighten out. Apart from Invisalign, that movement will apply a little pressure, when you amend out your aligners. Some treatment causes some pain that lasts for two-three days, but with the Invisalign process, it’s a lot less likely. 

Choosing the best dental clinic can help you straighten out your teeth with no pain. At GYA Dental Center, our specialists help to transform your smile with no painful procedure.