Connection between Gum Disease and Heart Health

Connection between Gum Disease and Heart Health

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most surprising observations that heart health and oral health are interlinked.  According to the recent studies, people with poor oral health have greater cardiovascular issues than good oral health.


Is any link between Gum and Heart health?


Gum disease is the redness of the gums. It further leads to the breakdown of the gum, bone tissues, and teeth that hold them in a place. Heart Disease refers to general conditions like heart attack and stroke. It is caused by contraction or blockage of the important blood vessels. Moreover, oral health has links to Diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and cardiovascular disease.

Thus without proper dental hygiene, gum disease can develop easily. In this scenario, gum contouring is a suitable treatment to take care of your gums.

Gingivitis and periodontal disease are the two types of the gum diseases. Assembly of a sticky residue known as plaque on your teeth is the main cause of these diseases. It holds gums that create cavity and gum diseases.

It is the periodontal disease that allows the bacteria to enter your bloodstream; thus, it causes your heart health issues. If you already have heart-related problems or had a heart attack, you are at the peak of risk.


Tips to Maintain a Healthy Heart Health

Numerous factors play a significant role to make your heart health healthy and fit. Let’s discuss some major tips to maintain a healthy heart:


Balanced Diet

 Healthy eating is a must to make you fit. Choosing healthy food helps maintain your weight and provide the nutritional balance that your body needs to function properly. Decorate your plate with various colorful fruits, veggies, lean meats, and complex carbohydrates while limiting the sugar.


Regular Exercise

Good food choices and regular exercise work simultaneously to maintain a healthy weight. Aerobic exercise helps to strengthen your lungs and heart. Well, heavy workouts help to make bones and muscles. A good mix of both is perfect.


Avoid smoking

As we all know, smoking is injurious to health. Smoking is responsible heart disease, along with many other diseases. If you had a heart attack, then it’s the right time to quit smoking now. The benefits of quitting smoking commence immediately, and every day without a cigarette will perk up your health.


Decrease Stress

It is important to supervise your stress. High blood pressure, stress, and cholesterol are all major factors to heart disease.


Maintain Good Dental Care Routine

It is obligatory to brush your teeth two times a day to keep up a good oral health. Apart from it, flossing, chewing sugar-free gum, mouthwash daily is also mandatory.


Be Alert

Be aware of your gum diseases. Thus by knowing your problem, you can get help when you need it. For instance, swollen gum that bleeds when you floss, eat, brush. Just identify your symptoms such as bad breathe, bad taste, and visible infection and approach your dentist as soon as possible.


See your dentist

Normally, it is advised to visit the best dental clinic, Dubai at least twice a year for the regular check-ups. If you have a dental problem, see your dentist as soon as possible. Discuss with him/her about all the medications or heart conditions as well.

Gum Contouring for Small Teeth

Gum Contouring for Small Teeth

Excess gum tissues indeed make your teeth look boxy and small by removing a small amount of gum tissue with the help of advanced dentistry treatment known as gum contouring. The GYA Dental Center can remove excess gum tissue that is covering portions of your teeth. After getting Gum contouring treatment, your smile will be more attractive, symmetrical, and beautiful.


Major Causes of Small Teeth


Small teeth and microdontia have several causes, including:

  1. Tooth grinding
  2. Misaligned Teeth
  3. Hormonal Change
  4. Genetics
  5. Excess Gum Teeth
  6. Marshall Syndrome
  7. Chemotherapy during adolescence

It does not matter what the reason, gum contouring, which is paired with other cosmetic treatments, can improve your smile’s appearance. The best dentist in Dubai will examine your case to determine which treatment options are the best for your needs.


How does Gum Contouring work for small teeth?

Many people have attractive teeth with an excess amount of gum tissue that gives a gummy smile. Thus, eliminating small amounts of gum tissue near your teeth base can expose more enamel to larger teeth.


How Does Gum Contouring Works?

Before beginning any procedure, the GYA Dental Center dentist will administer a local anesthetic for your gum line. Once you get relaxed, the dentist will use advanced laser technology to remove a small amount of excess gum tissue gently. Due to laser technology utilization, there will be minimal discomfort and bleeding associated with this procedure.

Once this procedure gets completed, you can go back to your home and recover. Soreness is usual for a few hours after treatment.

It is generally advised in a few days that patients refrain from:

  • Brushing the surgical site overly aggressively
  • Eating crunchy or solid foods
  • Smoking or drinking


Am I a candidate for gum contouring?

Candidates going through this treatment must be in good oral health and not take any other medicines that could compromise the process of recovery, for instance, Blood Thinners. Also, candidates generally have uneven gums, small teeth, or extra gum tissue.

It is a necessary process to maintain a healthy oral health regimen. Gum contouring removes a small amount of gum tissue. Thus, patients should take care to avoid gum diseases that can further cause some gum line recession.


Benefits of Gum Contouring

Patients who opted this treatment can get many benefits along with a balanced gum line and more attractive teeth. Other benefits include:

  • Boost confidence level
  • Fast recovery, generally takes weeks for the full recovery
  • Better oral hygiene
  • Inexpensive treatment from more expensive cosmetic treatments


Undoubtedly, Gum contouring is a fast, safe, and effective treatment that improves your teeth’ appearance so that you can smile confidently. This cosmetic dentistry procedure demands full care to get the best-in-class and fruitful results: Visit, The GYA Dental Center, to get the best dental care services at a low price range. Book your appointment today. For more information, visit us now.