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Opalescence Boost! Teeth Whitening Treatment Offer

We partner with Spotii.me  to offer you an easy payment across 4 installments

with no interest, no cost, and no catch.

How cool is that!

How it works?


1- Book Your Appointment With Us

2- Visit Us To Know If You Are A Candidate For Teeth Whitening

3- Create A Free Account On Spotii.me During Your Visit

Only By Adding:

  • UAE mobile number*
  • Any debit or credit card*

4- Pay The First Installment

375 AED, In The Clinic

Choose between Weekly or Bi-monthly payback options. 

And get instant approval by Spotii.me 

5- Pay The Rest Installments later

No extra fees. No hidden charges.

Spotii.me will automatically process your future payments, with full control by you anywhere, anytime. 

Opalescence Boost Whitening Features:


  • Quick whitening results that last Longer
  • Almost Zero teeth or gum sensitivity after the treatment
  • Expect Up to 8 shades brighter
  • Powerful 40% hydrogen peroxide gel
  • Expert application at the dentist’s office by a trained dental professional
  • Chemically activated, so no light is needed
  • The whitening gel contains potassium nitrate and fluoride
  • Noticeable whitening results in about an hour
  • A bright white smile as soon as you leave the dentist’s office

    Terms & Conditions:

    1. The cost of Opalescence Boost in-office teeth whitening is  1500 AED,  5% VAT Included.
    2. Prior booking is required.
    3. Full mouth check-up and assessment to know if you are a candidate for whitening. 
    4. To be eligible for installment options, you will have to sign up on Spotii.me
    5. Require a teeth cleaning before starting the teeth whitening treatment, included in the price. 
    6. This promotion is valid until October 31, 2021.

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