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 Our goal at GYA Dental Center is to bring happiness back to our Patients’ lives by designing an aesthetic smile that gives them self-confidence and helps them integrate more into their communities.

    Dental Veneers

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    Before and After _Dental Veneers and dental Lumineers
    Before and After _Dental Veneers and dental Lumineers
    Before and After _Dental Veneers and dental Lumineers

    What Our Happy Patients Say About Us

    “My teeth were worn down and slightly uneven. When I opted for Veneers, I didn’t know what to expect. I was very pleased with the simple process. It was not painful at all. Now my smile is free and natural, and I feel so much more confident with my beautiful teeth! Totally worth it! Thanks, Dr. Gabriella and the whole team!

    Faisal Al Hammadi

    “My family and I have been very pleased with Dr. Gabriella and everyone else who we’ve come in contact with at GYA Dental Center. They are welcoming and inviting, staffs are friendly and 100% trusted. The office is clean and modern and highly equipped with the latest technology. All the procedures they are explaining it to me very well."

    Laura James

    “I’m very happy to be GYA Dental Center patient. Very happy and positive atmosphere. Before I have veneers made by another clinic, I was not happy at all and I was facing too many problems with it like a bad smell, changing color and so on. I heard about Dr. Gabriella from my friends, they always were talking about how good and professional her work”

    Mohammed Al Zaabi

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