Confident & Ambitious Woman Initiative


Confident & Ambitious Woman Initiative -GYA Dental Center

I Know How it Feels!

Every day, many ambitious women like you either at work, or in their community fear and suffer from a lack of self-confidence when they’re exposed to rejection because their smile isn’t what it could be.

My Solution

I felt, I ought to do something towards this matter to support you as an ambitious woman overcome these challenges and increase your self-confidence:

I will be offering a special 15% discount on all our dental treatments and services  except Dental Implants and Dental Braces so that every woman can have a Beautiful Healthy Smile.

“I want to empower every woman to feel confident in herself and unleash her full potential, being harmonious, happier and more effective in our society.”

“I want to be a part of her journey!!!”

Meet Dr.Gabriella

Dr. Gabriella Aftene


Behind Every Confident & Ambitious Woman is a Healthy Smile!

“Self-confidence is the principal element of any great endeavor.”


The Vision

Strengthening and advancing the role of the ambitious women in our society, by giving her a healthy smile.

The Slogan 

Behind Every Confident & Ambitious Woman is a Healthy Smile!

“We understand how important it is for every woman to feel certain and comfortable with her smile.”

GYA Dental Center Team


The Pain Point Confident & Ambitious Woman Initiative by GYA Dental Center


For Who is this Initiative?

For every woman that deserves to feel confident about herself being aware that the smile is the meeting key to success in all aspects.

What are You Going to Do?

I am offering a special 20% Discount only for the Women on all our dental treatments except Dental Implants and Dental Braces.

Which Treatments are Included in this Offer?

I am offering 15 % off all our dental treatments except Dental Implants and Dental Braces.

When Will this Offer End?

This offer will be valid until further notice.

How Can I Get this Offer?

Book your appointment by filling the form or by contacting us directly via WhatsApp.

What I will Expect From You?

I will be here to take care of your oral health, I have my wonderful team with me and the top dental equipment.

 Support My Initiative

Share and tell your Mother, sister, friends and any female relative in your family about our (Confident & Women Initiative)

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