Know About Teeth Whitening Process

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Written By Dr. Gabriella
Know About Teeth Whitening Process

Teeth’s whitening is the most popular cosmetic procedure. It is done to lighten the surface colour and get rid of discolouration or stains. Each whitening session can remove years of stains.


Know About Teeth Whitening Process in Dubai
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 The Teeth Whitening process follows two approaches: 

1. Slower method

2. A Quick Approach 

The slower way provides less dramatic results. It includes the act of brushing an individual’s teeth pearly whites using teeth whitening toothpaste. Your teeth stains are polished during this process. To get the best results, perform this process daily after having breakfast and before going to bed. 

The second approach gives faster and noticeable results. Carbamide peroxide is the best alternative to remove stubborn stains chemically. As per the patient’s request, Dentist Dubai will provide them either at-home kit or do it in his/her office.


 1. Do not harm your teeth

Aggressive brushing can harm your teeth. However, this treatment is safe if you used it as instructed by the professionals. This whitening process uses active ingredients to open the pores temporarily in your teeth and remove stains. After each session, your teeth will remineralize naturally and rehydrate. 


 2. Sensitivity after teeth whitening is usual

Over 60% of people have naturally sensitive teeth. It is mostly caused by thin enamel, genetics, or damaged teeth. During this procedure, it is customary to cause sensitivity. 

The teeth become dehydrated temporarily, which lower down the ability to protect the nerve from temperature changes. It will vanish after 12-36 hours. Your dentist may suggest a post-whitening fluoride treatment to nurture the teeth and endorse rehydration. 


 3.Caps and veneers cannot be whitened

Artificial caps and veneers apply according to the colour of your adjacent teeth. The material which is created darker or lighter in colour can never be changed. Thus, veneers and caps will neither discolour nor white. Teeth whitening will not harm any previous dental work.


Do teeth whiten a lifelong process?

Many factors play a vital role in the more extended stay of teeth whitening’s, such as lifestyle and habits. Mainly, it takes several years to repair the stains to the same level they were before treatment. Sometimes, you can also use home touch-up kits to top up the whiteness. It will help to improve the whitening and main your investment for a longer time. 

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