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Invisalign Braces Dental Center in Dubai

Are you looking for Invisalign Center in Dubai? Then you’ve reached to the ideal place!

Invisalign braces are created for anyone who wishes to rectify their teeth and make them beautifully aligned with confidence.
Invisalign is a clear plastic braces made of a special blend of materials that make them flexible, yet strong enough to move teeth gently into a perfect alignment.

Invisalign braces constructed for each patient to fit their mouth, and it has a smallest impact on patient’s daily activities.

Best Invisalign Braces In Dubai 2024
| GYA Dental Center | July, 2024

What are the Advantages of the Invisalign Braces? 

  • Invisalign can change your life by giving you a beautifully aligned smile, and an aesthetic pleasing look without forcing you to change anything about the way you smile.
  • They are almost invisible to the eye, and will eliminate many discomforts that come with the presence of the metal braces; as they have long been causing a lack of confidence for many people to smile and talk freely.
  • Invisalign also is such a comforter for eating and drinking in comparison with metal braces; as having metal braces would force many diet restrictions and change in eating habits in your life; that might be even more difficult for children because they won’t be able to eat many of the foods they want, and who can control the cravings of kids?
  • Invisalign braces are removable unlike clear braces or regular metal braces. Remove braces when you want to clean your teeth or eat, but this does not mean that you can remove them for most of the day! Because you must wear the trays over 20/22 hours a day if you want to get the desired results.
  • Invisalign braces do not take longer than normal braces for the treatment to be completed, and sometimes, it may even take less time. Your dentist can only assess the overall time for the treatment; because each case is different and requires more or less time depending on the shape and misalignment of the teeth.
| GYA Dental Center | July, 2024
| GYA Dental Center | July, 2024

What is the Process of the Treatment?

Having your Invisalign braces begins by consulting with the best Invisalign center in Dubai to check on your dental health.

He/she will take an impression of your teeth before moving into the next stage of having your Invisalign aligners made especially for you.

Your custom-made aligners will fit the treatment plan which your cosmetic dentist had set for you.

Once you start your treatment, it’s going to be a gradual process. Your dentist will give you a new set of Invisalign aligners each time you accomplish the target for each stage; each stage of the treatment will take about 2 weeks.

You must wear the trays over 20 hours a day, although you can take your aligners out for some time for either cleaning or eating. You shouldn’t be reducing the time of wearing the Invisalign braces because that will mess up the process, and will sometimes prevent you from getting proper results.

| GYA Dental Center | July, 2024

How Much Does the Treatment Cost?

To determine the cost of the treatment several factors such as your overall dental health, how many Invisalign trays you will need for the whole treatment, as you need new aligners each time you finish a stage of the treatment, so all of that will depend on how your teeth will respond according to their condition. With this cosmetic procedure, you won’t need over one visit to your dentist for every 6 weeks.

Consult with the best Invisalign center in Dubai for a more precise estimation of the cost and information on your case.

| GYA Dental Center | July, 2024

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