Tooth Extraction: Reasons to Pull Out the Damaged Teeth

Tooth Extraction: Reasons to Pull Out the Damaged Teeth

Tooth extraction is one of the dental treatments which should be the last option for treatment. The great decrease in the number of teeth may result in poor dietary habits and deterioration of quality of life cycle. The count of extracted teeth can serve as an indicator of socio-economic and oral hygiene level with the best care in the process of tooth extraction Dubai. Extraction of permanent teeth is performed for several reasons including dental caries, periodontal disease, orthodontic reasons, impacted teeth, failed dental treatment, prosthetic indications and plenty of other different reasons. There are two types of tooth extraction:-

Simple extraction

The simple extraction is done when the teeth are perfectly visible in the mouth and the process is carried out through local anesthesia.

Surgical extraction

Surgical extraction procedures are performed when the tooth cannot be easily accessed or visible. This happens when the tooth has not fully erupted or when the tooth has been broken into parts under the gum line.

Why do we resort to tooth extraction?

There are two types of teeth that a person has, milk teeth and permanent teeth. When the milk teeth fall off the teeth that grow are permanent for a lifetime. However, tooth extraction might be necessary for the following reasons.

  • Irreparable tooth damage due to severe injury:

    This happens when tooth decay reaches the centre of the tooth which is the pulp creating inside your mouth. The bacteria produced by the decay occurring in the gums can invade the pulp and cause an infection. In this case, a root canal procedure may help treat the infection with professional Dentist Dubai. However, if the infection is serious, extraction may be performed to avoid the infection from spreading it to other teeth.


  • Eliminate the overcrowded tooth:

    The extraction of one or multiple teeth may be necessary to eliminate the overcrowding in the mouth like a store full of teeth. This is also endorsed when the patient has to undergo orthodontic treatment and there is no room for the teeth to move and rearrangement. A dentist will check on how crowded your teeth are, and if there is enough room for them to move and give your set of teeth a better alignment. Teeth extractions are suggested when there is not enough space to straighten the arrangement of your tooth set.


  • Necessary after an accident:

    If a person has gone through some severe accident and has serious damage in the gums, crown, bridge or veneers may be recommended. And if the issue is dreadful, then tooth extraction the only way out to this.


  • The solution to periodontal disease:

    Infection spreading out in gums, periodontal ligaments, alveolar bone and other structures surrounding the teeth. The aim of our dentist is to restore your oral health by periodontal therapy or tooth extraction.

Our team of experts are here to guide you with your proper oral health. Our service is available 24/7 to have a look at you. We do have various other treatments according to the seriousness of the damaged teeth. Giving out the best care and friendly environment, your healthy tooth is our primary duty. Dentists Dubai are the most recommended ones. We do treat people from a small tooth injury to the best and smooth surgeries. GYA dental Center  removes wisdom teeth, impacted teeth, severely broken-down teeth, and apicoectomies. Get your appointment booked with us to get yourself treated with full comfort and easy treatment of your tooth.

How Invisalign Process Works?

How Invisalign Process Works?

Are you someone who hesitates to smile because of your crooked teeth?

Have you ever thought of teeth straightening? You must know how it works before going through the Invisalign process.




An easy and affordable process, whose result gives you an attractive smile. At the GYA Dental Center, we make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible with the Invisalign process. Invisalign is a relatively simple process once you enter the routine of maintaining your clear aligner.


How does it work? 

The dentist works upon moving your teeth in the direction; you want them by using clear aligners. They are close-fitted and soft pressure is applied in just the right place to get the designed look.

These aligners are to be worn almost all day and night. The only time you can avoid them is when you are eating or drinking anything other than water. You have to keep it on just long enough until the teeth move to the designated position.

The patient is given a new set of aligners, that is used to put a bit more pressure on the teeth to move them furthermore in the right direction. Usually, these aligners are worn for two weeks before getting them changed with the next set. The new set applies equal amounts of pressure, getting your braces tightened and putting more pressure in the desired direction.

This method keeps looping until your teeth are in place, where you want them to be. A traditional braces treatment takes about a year, which is usually the same for aligners too.

With less discomfort, aligners are more favorable to patients than the traditional braces.


The Treatment procedure 

  1. The patient first has to consult a dentist, who will assess all the orthodontic and dental needs of your teeth while you explain to him your desired goal.
  2. An insight will be given to the patient about what can be done with Invisalign. The doctor would also let you know the cost, the period, your appointment schedule, and some directions on how to wear and take care of your aligners.
  3. The making of aligners and attachments is done using 3D tech imaging rather than putty impressions to monitor your teeth throughout the Invisalign process. This technology makes sure each aligner is created with the corresponding specification needed to move the patient’s teeth, just the right amount.
  4. The office visits would be in the frequency of every 6-8 weeks to your teeth and mouth 3D -assessed and to get your next set of aligners.


Taking Good Care of Your Aligners

  1. Always be sure to brush your teeth.
  2. Wash your Invisalign with lukewarm water when you take them off for eating or drinking and give it a brush and a wash again before putting it back.
  3. Floss your teeth after a meal; trapped food can cause cavities and other problems until they are cleaned in the next appointment.


Visit the best dental clinic in Dubai for your Invisalign treatment, and to know more about the Invisalign process visit our official website.


What is Gum Contouring and Why You Need it?

What is Gum Contouring and Why You Need it?

A beautiful smile plays a vital role in raising your self-esteem, improves confidence, and benefits mental health. Every person has different gum lines. Some have a low, some have a high, or some have in-between. Thus, if you are unhappy with your gum, you may be a gum contouring candidate.



What is Gum Contouring?

Gum contouring is a process done by a dentist to reshape or resculpts your gum line. This process involves cutting away or removing extra gum tissue around your teeth. If you have gum recession, the method includes restoring gum tissue. In many cases, gum contouring is a non-compulsory procedure. Thus, it is not medically necessary. It is done to improve the look of the gums, smile, or teeth. Many times, your dentist suggests gum contouring due to oral health.


What Causes Uneven Gums?

Numerous things can cause your gums uneven to like, to be too high or too low. Gums that cover a large portion of teeth can make your teeth look small. It may be due to genetics, a particular health problem, or due to taking certain prescribed drugs. If your gums are too high, it will make your teeth appear longer that is often caused by gum recession. Gum recession can lead to serious dental problems such as decay and tooth loss. It is a sign of periodontal disease, and the weakening of the supporting teeth.


Is Gum Contouring Surgery necessary?

Gum contouring is a cosmetic treatment. Most often, it is not medically necessary. People adopt this procedure to improve the appearance of their smile or to reshape their gums. Though, some people choose this process as a part of other necessary periodontal procedures, such as pocket reduction, regenerative procedures, and crown lengthening.

If you are afflicted by periodontal disease, then gum contouring is the best option. The best dentist in Dubai will first try to treat your gum disease with non-surgical options. It may include antibiotics to kill the bacteria and infection, or cleaning process to restore your gum health. Gum contouring is also a part of this procedure.


What does gum contouring include?

Gum contouring is an office procedure that can be done typically in a single visit. A cosmetic dentist mainly does it.

Most of the time, you will keep awake during the entire process. You will receive local anesthesia to numb the gum area when the doctor starts. The dentist will be using a soft tissue laser or scalpel to eliminate the excess amount of gum tissue and reshape the gum line for the tooth’s ore exposure. You can take the help of sutures to hold the gum tissue in place.

If this process requires adding some gum tissue, your doctor will remove tissue from any other part of your mouth, maybe from your palate. Surgery will protect this tissue around your teeth to reshape your gum line.

This procedure doesn’t have any fixed time, and it depends upon the extent of the contouring and the amount of resculpting that you needed. Generally, it is a process of 1 to 2 hours only.


Treatment Aftercare

After the reshaping of your gums, it is of utmost importance to practice good dental hygiene for many weeks. Daily brushing and gentle flossing are necessary until the gums have healed sufficiently. It would help if you handled it gently to avoid irritation of sensitive tissue. Otherwise, it will cause bleeding and may develop an infection. You can also use mouth rinse and mouthwash for the better Gum Health that kills most of the germs.


For more information, visit the GYA Dental Center- the best dentist in Dubai to get the best services at an affordable rate.


Some Facts about Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Some Facts about Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth extraction is one of the standard procedures, but no one wants to experience it. Suppose you are suffering from some serious dental issues and need to have removed your wisdom tooth. We will share some facts and truths that you need to know about wisdom tooth extraction Dubai.


It is a Common Procedure

According to the survey and reports, approximately 10 million molars are removed each year in the US only. For removing one or more of your third molar dentist recommend a tooth extraction. These are commonly located at the top and bottom of the mouth and develop between 17 and 25. 


Can cause oral health issues

The wisdom tooth usually came in the last and sometimes became problematic for a person. While in some cases, people are missing one or more of their third molars. Wisdom teeth can cause tumours, cyst, infection, and damage to the nearby gums and teeth. It can also impose severe damage to vital organs such as kidney and heart; its condition reaches the advanced stage. Tooth decay and other oral problems are common during molar growth. Molars are located at the end of the teeth set, and that’s why it is difficult to clean them.


Pain is bearable

No doubt, wisdom tooth extraction pain is tolerable, but there is no need to worry because you will not feel even a little discomfort during this procedure. Depending upon your molar teeth’ condition, dentists use local anesthesia, sedation, or general anesthesia during tooth extraction. An experienced dentist will surely do his best not to feel pain during the surgery. 


Early removal of wisdom tooth

Dentists recommend removing the wisdom tooth during the early stage of development. An individual in his teens or twenties should consider a tooth extraction, and at this age, wisdom teeth are at the development stage. When a tooth is removed during this period, risks for complications are lower and tend to be a faster delivery.


Problems can be asymptomatic

For those having no pain, no swelling in the back of your mouth, it does not usually mean no wisdom tooth problem. Sometimes these problems can be asymptomatic. The best way to avoid any oral problem is to go to a dentist for a regular check-up.


Pain Management 

After getting this treatment, you must have a soft diet such as yogurt, ice cream, and smoothies. Well, everyone loves this diet, Right? 

These cold things can help to reduce bleeding and swelling. Your dentist in Dubai can also prescribe you some medication to handle your pain and discomfort after the tooth extraction procedure.


Speedy Recovery

Recovery time depends upon your surgery; you can be back to track with routine within a few days. Some of the right ways for the speedy recovery from wisdom tooth extraction area to avoid physical activity smoke, sucking on straw after the procedure. While brushing, take special care of the extraction area in your mouth. 

Hence, tooth extraction helps to keep your oral health in good shape. If you have any problem with your wisdom teeth and looking for an experienced dentist Dubai, visit the GYA Dental center for tooth extraction in Dubai immediately.

Why Opalescence Teeth Whitening Boost is unique

Why Opalescence Teeth Whitening Boost is unique

Your smile one of the simplest and most expressive ways to tell who you are, it opens so many doors without you even making an effort, but having bad looking teeth can form a barrier between you and others. So, we invite you at our center to experience some of the most advanced technologies to enhance the appearance of your teeth, and fix any imperfections. The color of your teeth is the number one indicator of well-maintained hygiene, and good overall dental health. We offer you the Opalescence Boost teeth whitening treatment, as an excellent solution to correct any subtle or obvious imperfections in the color of your teeth.

Opalescence teeth whitening procedure

With the Opalescence treatment, you can choose to opt for he in-office, or the at-home teeth whitening, it is only available for dental professionals to provide. You will be advised on which of the two methods is best for you, after having the dentist checking on your dental health in general, and you will surely receive the best Opalescence products according to that.

What does the Opalescence At-home involve? 

The Opalescence at-home treatment involves few steps to get a bright and shiny smile with very little effort: . Brush your teeth before using the custom trays and gels, and make sure that the tray is clean and dry too. . apply the whitening gel given into the tray, remember that the amount of gel given is enough for around 2 weeks of treatment. . place the tray onto your teeth, and press gently. if you push the tray, the gel will leak from it, which can cause some burn sensation or irritation in the gum. . if there is any excess material wipe it off with a toothbrush. . after wearing the tray for the recommended time, remove the tray. . Brush your teeth after the removal of the tray, and clean the tray from the remaining gel gently.

What makes Opalescence Boost unique?

One of the main differences between the Opalescence Boost teeth whitening and other procedures such as the Zoom! Or the laser teeth whitening; is that there is no usage of light or heat to activate the hydrogen-peroxide and the carbamide-peroxide existing in the gel. The Opalescence boost is chemically activated and so, it relieves you from any intrusion of heat or light during the process. The process can involve whitening one tooth, or more, the smart syringe-to-syringe method ensures you great results, with one syringe containing the hydrogen-peroxide gel, and another containing fluoride and nitrate potassium, these components will reduce the sensitivity effect of the hydrogen-peroxide gel and guarantee you protection for your gum. The number of sessions needed depends on how your teeth will react to the material, your dental health conditions, the target color you are aiming for, and other factors. Consult your dentist for further information.

Am I a candidate for this treatment?

You are not a candidate of the Opalescence treatment if you have dental restorations, such as dental veneers, crowns, and dentures, and in these cases, you need to resort to regular cleaning to remove stains, and consult your dentist for further information and options. This treatment is not recommended for lactating and pregnant women.

What are the side-effects?

The side-effects of the treatment reported by patients are teeth sensitivity, essentially to cold. Other possible side-effects are tooth pain, mild throat irritation, gum discomfort. These symptoms are not prominent and will dissipate after completing the treatment within 1 or 3 days.